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Sample of safety rules poster

Skate parks are designed for roller-skating, skate boarding and specially equipped BMX biking.
When entering the gate you have to aware of the fact that your stay at the skate park is subject to a high sporty risk which you yourself have to be responsible of. Please kindly choose the slides carrespoding to your level of skills. You have to use the neccessary safety equipment – helmet, knees and elbows protectors.
The safety area around the slides is marked. Only rollers may stay in the safety areas. When skating you have to be aware of the presence of other people.
It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks or other itoxicants to the park territory. The skate park is designed in accordance with DIN 33943 standards and may be used without additional supervision  as the roller-skaters have to be fully responsible of their activities themselves.
Please kindly note that the park is designed for you and only on you depends its further operation and your comfort there.

Wishing you sucessful cooperation,
TROJA SIA Managment

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Sample of safety rules poster
Sample of safety rules poster