About Ramps


Terms of warranty and exploitation

The owner of the ramp or the responsible person shall develop the operation regulations of the ramp and attach them to the ramp. The regulations shall contain the information on what equipment is required for its use, the responsibility for safety and other rules ensuring its safe and correct use.

Operation rules

  • Prior to every time of use one should assure that the ramp is in a satisfactory condition for its use.
  • The operation of the ramp shall be interrupted in case the upper layer of the sliding surface unsticks due to the effect of rain, sun and operation. In such cases the actions shall be taken in compliance to the description in the section "Repair of the ramp”
  • After closing the season of use it is recommended to disamble the ramp in modules and to place them under shelter or cover by a temporary roof or rain and snow proof cover.
  • The paint scratches shall be painted in due time with waterproof paint to avoid water penetration in between the plywood layers.
  • In order to prolong the service time of the ramp it is recommended to put supports under the support poles to raise the ramp above the ground, in such a way the support poles are protected from water influence in humid conditions.

Warranties when the operation regulations are complied with

The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the geometric dimensions and strength according to the order requirements for the period of 2 seasons under correct operation of the product, except the upper operational layer which is subject to increased use. The manufacturer guarantees the possibility to purchase the same made and thickness plywood of the upper sliding surface as the rest of the ramp for repair needs.

Installation of the ramp by own forces
They are usually installed and operated in outdoors conditions or premises under roof. When installed outdoors, they shall be installed on a field or lawn, or on asphalt or concrete surface.
When the ramp is installed on asphalt or concrete surface the surfaces of the ramp elements shall be levelled by means of wedges to ensure that the transitions in between the elements are on the same level, and these shall be connected by fastening elements.
The above works shall be performed by experts with the compliant tools and experience in building works.

Repair of the ramp
In case the upper layer of the sliding surface has unsticked in the result of operation it shall be glued back with waterproof glue, attached with supplementary screws, grinded and covered with waterproof paint. If there are several faults on the same sliding surface or the sliding surface is very big, all the sheet shall be replaced with the laminated sheet of the same made and thickness. The heads of the screws attaching the new sheet shall be painted with waterproof paint.

Terms of warranty and exploitation
Terms of warranty and exploitation