Are the skateboard ramps weather resistant?
Yes. The ramps are made of RIGA FORM F/W high density (174g/m2) phenol coated plywood of A/S Latvijas Finieris. The plywood is made with water resistant phenol-formaldehyde resin.

Can the client himself assemble the ramps?

The skateboard ramps are designed for DIY assembly. The ramps come complete with the required fixtures and fastenings and assembly diagrams.

Do the ramps have to be dissembled at the end of the season?

No. The ramps need to be protected with a tarpaulin type cover and raised on supports so that the construction is not in direct contact with water for long periods.

Is it possible to order spares in case of damage?

Yes, spares can be ordered via our website.

What is the order lead time?

Depending on the design, it takes about 4 weeks to produce a ramp. However in view of the seasonal character of the product please make your reservation before the summer season is on the doorstep. In order to use your ramp at the start of summer, please, start your planning and ordering in autumn.

How to order a ramp?

  • Decide your desired ramp’s purpose: skateboard, roller blades or BMX. To aid you in your selection please view the pictograms on our website.
  • Select the location where your ramp will be placed.
  • Tell us what you want.
  • Our staff will discuss your requests and design your layout with specifications. All our design layouts conform to DIN 33943 safety requirements.
  • Prepare your order.

I want to set up a ramp in my neighbourhood. What do I need to do?

  • Go to the local government to agree the installation site and find the potential ramp owner.
  • Order the ramp with us.
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